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June 16, 2007


Your first description reminds me very much of Ottawa (I come from Gatineau, the French "benlieu" of Ottawa). You should go there next year, during the Tulip festival (4 to 21 of May), you'll very much enjoy it, I'm sure. Tons of flowers, the spring warmth and the Rideau canal, a wonderful place to bike, run, walk or picnic. It's only two hours of Montreal, perfect for a weekend escapade ;)

Or you can go in the winter, to skate on the canal. It's a lot of fun to skate on a very long skateway (7.8km -> http://www.canadascapital.gc.ca/data/2/rec_docs/1942_skateway_map.pdf), while seeing Ottawa's downtown.

Now who the last two posts, I clearly look like a travel agent ;) But you know how it is, I can't help it, I want to share what I enjoy and love ;p

Merci, Jean-Olivier! I appreciate your recommendation about Ottawa. I knew about the skating on the Rideau canal, but not about the Tulip festival - it sounds wonderful and like something we'd really love.


That was a lovely.
"Some things last much longer than you, and some much less," the night seemed to say. "So be here, now."

I will carry that thought with me through my day
Thank You

You have the best of both worlds - in Montreal and Vermont. Well, especially in June! Sounds lovely.

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