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July 28, 2007


I'm very glad to have met Bishop Gene & his partner at your book signing in Concord last year. They both strike me as being simultaneously strong and humble.

One of the things I liked best about your book was the way you talked about believers who had struggled with Bishop Gene's orientation. I don't think tolerance is necessarily an easy thing; we each have our own biases and prejudices, so learning to love is an ongoing thing. I actually had Bishop Gene & your discussion of his friends & critics in mind when I wrote about organized religion the other day: it's tempting to hole yourself away with like-minded folks, but the real growth (and strongest growing pains) come when you have to face people who aren't like you.

Thank you for this beautiful and thought-provoking post, Beth.

Thank you again, belatedly, for your book about Gene, too. It is now almost a year since I read it, and it continues to resonate with me so strongly.

Thank you both, Lorianne and Rachel. I certainly didn't mean to solicit compliments by writing this post, but they're very much appreciated. And I'm glad I could "share" Gene with both of you, and other people, because his story and his ministry DO remind us to think about how we treat the "other" -- who comes into our lives in all kinds of guises.

you go girl! i couldn't make it tonight, but you know i am there anyway. fabulous conversion. Barry. (!) Gene - I am deeply honoured that you looked for me at Laura's ordination and acknowledged my smile. wow. wow. wow. (!)

Wonderful post, Beth. Thank you.

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