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July 22, 2007


Do you know the story about how Les rues Rachel et (is is Maryanne?) got their names?

No! Please tell! (And yes, it's rue Marie-Anne.)

Fascinating image, and a great poem on a subject close to me. Thanks Beth!

(But the way, the above comments and other related lines appear with cross-out lines across them. Hope my commetn makes it through.

I have no idea what's going on with these lines. Any help out there?

About Rachel and Marie-Anne.....once upon a time, a
farmer owned that land between those two streets.
You know the stone of which the mansions downtown,
around McGill, are constructed? Well, in order to transport
the stone from the quarry to the building sites, an
agreement was made between the farmer and the
construction engineer. The agreement was that the builder could have the land you live on - if he
agreed to name the bordering streets after the farmer's two
daughters, Rachel and Marianne. Isn't that wonderful?!

Me last night. Beautifully put, Beth.

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