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July 19, 2007


Frederick Law Olmstead was a god among men, in my opinion. I'm always amazed at how many places he (literally) left his mark.

I'm glad you're learning to love urban wilderness. Since most folks don't live in rural areas, I think it's important for folks to realize & appreciate the spots of wildness in their own neighborhoods (versus seeing "Nature" as something you either drive to or watch on TV).

And I see that there are cross-country ski trails in there - how wonderful that would be in winter! And good for you on getting more exercise, something I keep having to remind myself to do.

We're blessed in living on the North Shore here in Vancouver, with the mountains and wilderness right in our backyard. Plus there are many quite large natural parks around.

Here in over-farmed and developed Europe, the importance of parks and gardens to wildlife is more and more recognised. good to hear about respectful fellow users of it too.

As much as I love the big habitats, I have a fondness for the local, overlooked, and more homely ones: sparrows perching on the letters of the grocery store sign, skunks rummaging through the garbage, wildflowers growing up along the verges.

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