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August 06, 2007


"If you and he think you'll always be glad to see each other and have something to say to each other when you wake up in the morning, and don't go to bed angry with each other, you'll be OK." There it all is in a nutshell. The straightforward wisdom of our elders.

Thank you Beth.
If I ever find another person willing to share my life then I will sit down with him to read this first.

Thanks, Beth, for taking me up on my challenge. As much as I liked your previous post, I think I like this one even better, probably because you pinpoint here some of the mistakes I made the first time around. I guess some of us are "experiential learners" who have to touch a hot stove instead of heeding elders' warnings. I'm just grateful to live in a culture/time when divorce is an available option for those of us who insist on learning things the hard way.

Your post reminds me of the saying "love is not two people looking at each other; it's two people looking in the same direction." Although it's a bit trite and oversimplified, there's also a whole lot of truth in that saying.

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