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August 20, 2007


The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Thank you for your wonderful comments, I've been reading you for quite some time and really enjoy your blog. I'll keep writing.

When it comes right down to it, a meal shared with others is what life is all about. The fruit foto is making me hungry. Thinking of my great aunt's pickled peaches. Great post Beth!

Beth, I am so very happy for the news about your new home and friends! Fred, I am struck by the very simple description of life's meaning and the clear parallel of that to the Church some of us share and the way we worship. And, me too!, I have peaches on the kitchen counter this evening, just waiting for me to devour them (just cats looking on, however, and wondering what the excitement is all about).

That is a great photo.

I love reading people's descriptions of their old friends and old places. I seem to savor nostalgia - although a steady diet would be about as healthy for me as a steady diet of buttered carrots with maple syrup! But once in a while - oh, yum!

I am convinced there would be far fewer blog feuds if people online cooked and ate a meal together.

Beautiful meditation on friendships. Gorgeous photo - like a Vermeer painting!

Mouse - I never knew that quote from Emerson! thank you! It feels like something that we ought to have in calligraphy, or cross-stitch, in a prominent space in our home! (We do have a wonderful set of two tiles above a bookcase in the dining room that have the Arabic greeting "Ahlan-wa-sahlan", which basically means "Our house is your house.")

Autumnmoon, welcome, bienvenue, and thank you for reading and commenting so kindly here! Glad to have you with us.

Fred - yes, that's how we feel too. Glad you liked the peaches!

Scott - what a great observation about Fred's quote - yes - that's how it should be and, of course, how the tradition of communion originated, though we certainly forget it way too often. This post was really about my OLD home and old friends, but one of the joys of being in Montreal has been welcoming new (and old!) friends here for a meal. You too someday, I hope!

Zuleme and Marja-Leena - thank you very much for the compliments on the photo. I took an intentionally a blurry one too that liked too but this one won out...

Kasturi - I feel the same way about that occasional dish of sweet sweet carrots!!

Theriomorph - exactly. It's strange how sharp-tongued and rude people can be when they're not face-to-face, sharing real life hospitality, but simply in our virtual spaces. The only blog fights on this blog have been when I've written about politics or, in one case, mental health issues when my own words were unfortunately misunderstood by a disturbed person.

Beth, do you, perhaps have '"Ahlan-wa-sahlan' in Arabic? I could try to do it myself but I am fearful of mistakes!
I would love to paint that on a stone and place it outside my door
Thank You

It is nice to know that you had met your friends and had a good time, it is always nice to keep the sweat memories of the beloved friends and I happy to know that you done it for more than three decades. I should say, one's life is incomplete if they don't have few true friends...
Clay Desiccant

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