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August 16, 2007


Beth: Just a quick note re. The Choice. I've just remembered that it is repeated on Tuesday evenings at 2130 (UK time) - a much easier time for you, I suppose.

What a gift you have for crafting a very personal experience into something so formed, so complex.

I don't know why the photo is so appropriate, but it is. Soft and beautiful, but spiky?

Great essay.

My Pop-pop used to say "Oh well" a LOT during his last last couple of years.

Some of us start with the oh-wells a lot earlier. I remember a young friend who grinned ruefully while saying "oh WELL", head cocked to a slant, chin out, both hands rosing, ten fingers unfurling in explosion of complaint whose unintended effect might well have been to repel any further misfortune. As if to say "Enough already!"

The globe thistle is perfect illustration.

Thanks Jean, Dave, Theriomorph. Thanks for the story Bill - it's good to see you here! On the globe thistle - I was originally looking for something more literal, more lamp-like, and I also looked through some images of old Socrates himself, but then this shot popped out at me from August's photos, and it seemed to fit pretty well. Glad you liked it, J. and Th.

Thanks Beth, it's great to be here.


Jean expresses it perfectly, thus saving me the need to scrabble for appropriate appreciative phrasing! This puts me so much in mind of the last few conversations I had with my father. 'Oh well' came calm & serene from him towards the end.

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