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August 26, 2007


I sat on my butt in front of a computer screen. But you knew that.

Glad to hear you got the same glorious weather we did this afternoon.

I went to the Yolo Bypass looking at, and sketching, the shorebirds that are now coming through. Twice. Twice I failed to see the glossy ibis (common in your parts but enough to get people to drive some distance to see, here). Twice I wasn't in the remotest bit upset about it. I feel as though I'm in listing recovery.

I drilled a lot of holes in paper and then sewed them together. I deep-watered my tomatoes and picked off about four tomato hornworms, one of which was the size of my index finger. I faced off about 24 wild turkeys (I wish they'd develop a taste for hornworms). I finally pulled out the last of the okra, not that it's entirely finished, but I have to start lining those beds against underground rodents. I finally plucked up the courage to feel the back of my mouth with my tongue and found it as stitched up as the books I'd been binding. (I regretted my audacity.) Finally, Numenius and I went to a local baseball game last night (AAA), having been donated tickets by a friend who had met the pavement with her collarbone on the last day of a bike ride through the Columbia River Gorge and was in no shape to go out. We gave the other two tickets to a little boy and his grandmother and watched over nine innings as a baseball fan was shamelessly cloned...

Made peach chutney and chicken stock, weeded the garden and robbed it of its ripe tomatoes, wrote some poetry, read a lot. Quiet and lovely.

Wow, stunning photo! Here, a trip down to Massachusetts to take Gilgamesh swimming at the site of his favorite cannonball rock - glacial potholes in lovely Shelburne Falls, where there is also a bridge of flowers and a glass-blowing studio where you can watch the artisans work the sand and fire (as if the waterfalls and caverns weren't enough). Also a good hike in the woods 'round a reservoir closer to home, and a new poem series that felt important and good.

Lots of shopping, stocking up fridge and shelves after three weeks away from home (working, more's the pity); walking down to the river to inspect the ducks (all present sir!), reading online and on paper, sleeping fitfully.

Shopped on Saturday, then went and had the last moules-frites and ice cream of the season at Morieux. On Sunday had the family of a lovely young friend who's off to university next week.
Waving the nest-leaving young off like swallows seems an important part of this time of year!

Everyone had such a lovely weekend. It was a three-day weekend for us here in London as it was a "Bank Holiday Monday". So we watched a couple of Argentinian movies at the cinema, cooked and ate some lovely sea bream, had a picnic in the park and lazed around for hours there reading in the sunshine, watched a funny movie on DVD about a Thai transvestite secret agent, took a trip down the River Thames enjoying being tourists in our own city, discovered a new (to us) Japanese artist, ate juicy fillet steaks. Now it's back to work.

Yes, a Bank holiday here in UK so we had three days to potter about and amazingly, the sun shone and it didn't rain. Watched a DVD - Deep Water - which was the sad tale of a British engineer, Donald Crowhurst who set off on a round the world yacht race in 1969, completely unprepared but seemingly too proud and anxious to admit defeat. He pretended to be on the race but actually never left the Atlantic and eventually his boat was found drifting and he wasn't on it). Stayed on my mind for a while...
Family round for dinner. Partner was gardening. I was reading (Hustvedt, What I Loved - which I really disliked and so sets me apart from the vast majority who enjoyed it).
Long walk around the Yorkshire Dales village of Malham. Ten miles. Broke my plan to cut out sugar as I staggered bakc into said village for an ice cream and large slice of cake.

On Saturday I went to the gym early in the morning and then to the market and shops to buy stuff for the bbq we had in our terrace... the weather was glorious here in London. The weather was so nice on Sunday that we repeated it with some other friends here at the house as well. Then we went to our local pub, where a group of musicians played lovely traditional Irish music -including some Irish renderings of Dylan and Cash songs! And we got a bit tipsy. On Monday, a bank holiday here as Anna said, I did house chores and laundry... then read for a while and watched Chinatown in the telly!

These notes are fascinating! It's great to hear from you...OK, who else? Sounds like the weather was very cooperative everywhere you were...

Moi? I spent the weekend holding hands and wondering if I could fall in love with the new man in my life
quelle surprise!

BTW Beth, the BBC ran an interview with Gene Robinson this morning

Here's the link

Thanks, Mouse -- and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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