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September 20, 2007


What a colourful description and expression of joy! Happy Birthday, Beth!

Happy birthday, Beth. No better way to celebrate than Jean Talon market! Especially the cheese shop. :)

Wishing you a most happy birthday, and many happy returns.
It appears to have been a well-spent day.
Gorgeous photo and you made me feel I was there with you!

Happy Birthday!!!

Beautiful colours! Happy Birthday!

Thank you!!

Happy birthday, Beth!

Hi Beth,
We drove by the city a couple of times this summer dropping people off at Trudeau Airport. I wonder how the city has changed since I lived there in the late 60's.
Where is the market? We might go up for a visit sometime. Do you know any good cheese shops near the NH border?
For the best tomato sauce you ever had; roast a pan of ripe paste or regular large tomatoes with garlic and olive oil at 400 degrees for at least an hour (until the skins start to turn brown) peel the skins off and put the rest in a cuisinart.
I've been making and freezing this since our tomatoes are bountiful this year. It is wonderful

Happy (very belated) birthday!

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