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September 23, 2007


How interesting to visit a Greenpeace ship! I'd love that opportunity. Did you know Greenpeace was born in Vancouver?

Not until I read their "Green Guide" last night!

wow! I love Canada.

How amazing!
I have been a member of Greenpeace for many, many years and am a fervent supporter of many of their causes, mostly associated with whaling and deforestation...

A few years ago we were forunate to rent a summer house in Umbria belonging to the founder of Greenpeace Intl. I will always carry the memories of a few blissful summer weeks on that organic olive oil estate

Memories that are all the more precious since he was killed in a car accident the following year

God Bless those who are brave enough and committed enough to "Make Waves"

No need for apologies, Beth. Björk is weird. She would be the first one to tell you herself.

Take care.


Actually, probably all our musicians are weird.


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