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October 01, 2007


A *true* dream. How beautiful is that!

How sweet. I remember my father dreaming of my mother, then coming upstairs to look for her, forgetting that she was no longer with us!

Oh my, how sharp he is. You know, I've pretty much always felt that intelligence per se was worth much less than kindness, or a capacity for happiness, or for connection. But sometimes, hearing about your father-in-law, I think perhaps there's more to be said for a sharp mind than I sometimes think, perhaps especially when the body is failing and most of the objects of love and relationship have left us.

It's certainly served him well, and the funny thing is that he's mellowed a lot in his last years - perhaps because some of his best friends at this retirement home have been very kind, patient people.

As my best friend lay dying in a hospice I dreamed of her.
She and her husband Tim were dancing.
Dressed in their finest clothes, tall and proud and perfectly in step they moved across the dance floor to the lilting sounds of a music that I couldn't hear.
She died shortly afterwards.
I like to hold onto the memory of that dream and remember her dancing...

I love hearing your stories about your father-in-law. It's just sad to be watching him vicariously through you all these years and see him changing as he gets older. He seems so in love with life. Today I realized, though we've never met, how the interaction with you since we started blogging has truly grown into a friendship. None of us could have known this effect of blogging when we started. A nice gift.

It's true - I feel that you and I are friends for sure, and see it as a gift too. Thank you for saying that. And I hope one day we WILL meet!

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