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October 20, 2007



Oh, Beth. Beautiful.

Uriel: angel of light, "light of God."

Wow, yes. Another beautiful one. I love this piece, and how the Herbert/Beth series (which I hope will have many more) is shaping.

"I never see her raise the fiery sword that she holds in her front leg; perhaps it is just a flame in my imagination" - gorgeous image, the orb weaver with the flame sword, and/or unharassed and relaxed enough to sit in the center of her web without it.

Also love that several of my favorite blogger-writers are working with the seen/unseen animal world in recent days. Plan to add my own something to this naturally emerged theme in the next day or two, time allowing.


Thanks rr and rachel, and to you, Theriomorph - yes, I hope you'll add something to this thread that's being spun; I hadn't realized how that was happening but you're right! And thanks to Dave Bonta for helping me with the definitive spider identification, as well as inspiring the poem postings and responses. Reading Herbert again, though, was inspired by a conversation about him, and other Polish poets, with the elusive Teju Cole.

Dale, thanks, you slipped your (o) in here as I was writing the above!


But, oh dear. That enragingly hard to resist feature that appears when you log in to Amazon: 'customers like you have recently ordered...' has just come up with 'Selected Poems of Zbigniew Herbert'. Is Amazon tracking other places I go on the Internet? Or do we just have very similar taste?...

What a lovely poem!

And though I really don't like most insects that picture is very nice too!

Also, I have blogrolled you and hope you dont mind?

Thanks, Jean - who knows what Amazon tracks? that's kind of freaky,isn't it?

And thanks for the blogroll link, Szerelem - I appreciate it! I subscribed to your feed and have been keeping up with it too; if I ever revamp my own blogroll I'll link to yours.

Wonderful piece, Beth.

Thanks very much, Leslee.

where's the tombstone????

a spider that needs liposuction

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