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October 11, 2007


I do like that picture, the juxtaposition of the patriarch and the iceberg, with the straight-down vertical divide is so strange and funny!
I've not been here for way too long, I've been very moved and gently amused by the posts on your father-in-law; we try not to think about what getting old is going to be like for us, hoping we can avoid the things we see happening to others; he clearly, as you say, has his marbles, yet the weariness and confusion is encroaching, and the ambivalence of missing and wanting so much, good company, intellectual stimulus etc, but not having the energy or patience to enjoy it when it comes. I think you're honouring him by observing him so closely and compassionately, even when he sometimes drives you mad!
Montreal market looked and sounded marvellous; a young man I know from here is off to Montreal to study, I imagine it will be an exciting place for him, especially after these parts!

If he's someone you care about particularly, Lucy, let him know we're here.
Thanks for the long thoughtful comment! I was beginning to think no one was interested in this post!

Thank you Beth, that's very kind. I've known him three years or so, he's the young man who teaches our gym class, but we aren't close. He's clearly had troubles in the last year or two and looks to be making a fresh start. We've said we'll keep in touch by e-mail, so I'll bear your words in mind.

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