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October 27, 2007


Wow. Really gorgeous clothes she makes. I sew, but I've never tried to knit. It intimidates me, I think.

Hi Kaycie! I used to sew most of my clothes but haven't made anything for a long time. Now I'm more apt to knit because it's easier to pick up and leave off for a while. Don't be intimidated - it's actually easier to make a nice knitted project with simple stitches and a gorgeous yarn than it is to sew clothing, I think. It just takes a while to get the hang of it and be able to knit in a fluid rhythm. Get someone to show you and try it. (Believe me, I wouldn't try to make one of these complicated projects, though I really admire them! I'd never finish it.)

Seems to be quite a lot of knitting on blogs at the moment!

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