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October 08, 2007


A Canadian Thanksgiving in New England - how wonderful!

Hi Marja-Leena - happy Thanksgiving to you too! It's fun to be able to celebrate TWO of my favorite holidays!

It was wondeful indeed! Merci mille fois!

L'arroseur arrosé:


It was definitely a time to remember. I'm so glad you came down!

Beth, those lovely photos could have been taken in the lanes around here. Hence 'New England', I guess..!

I'd love to see what it looks like in "Old England" around you, Dick!

Mmmm. I'm still thinking about that roast beef and the roast turkey!

Now you made me go and miss Boston and New Hampshire. Ah, the turning leaves! Here in Japan the tree frogs are still suction-cup walking on my window at night.

I'd really like to see that, actually...

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