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October 31, 2007


That is a lovely thought. At first I winced at the image of a drop of clear water in the ear, but that makes a point, too: a discovery you make when you observe closely stays with you for a while, as an invading drop will, and it can be uncomfortable if you don't have the kind of serenity that seems to underly Kat's writing.

May you have many such moments.

Thank you, Beth. I am a bit embarrassed, but also pleased, and grateful. It is so hard to feel heard in this world, it seems, harder to listen, and even harder to do both so that harmony can be made.

I am sometimes surprised at the feeling of community that I find here, on the big anonymous Internet, and continuously surprised by myself when I go back and read what I've written months and years ago. I wrote that? Usually it is a pleasant surprise, and it is usually nice to be reminded of those people I used to be.

We really should get together soon. :)

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