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December 12, 2007


Thanks for this very important post, with great links, Beth! I signed that petition yesterday and just a little while ago happened to listen to Al Gore's inspiring speech in Bali : http://pol.moveon.org/standwithal/?id=11782-7862793-q6mUve&t=3 It gives us hope, but only IF every country will participate in change.

Signed. "I'm mad as hell and I''m not going to take it any more."

I've signed this petition and like you am really disgusted by both government's disbelief in the need to take action and change our ways. I was in the Canadian Arctic this past summer and found the Inuit people to be delightful and wish I could send a few of our leaders up there to meet them and talk about the issues.

It's fun to say "Unikkaaqatigiit."

Oh yeah, online petitions don't do squat. You have to march around, write actual letters, organize, etc.

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