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December 04, 2007


A magical evening indeed, of music, an interesting person to talk to, and the bright snowy night! I love that photo of the park lit at night. I miss the snow just for its brightness, especially during the dark nights. By the way, I couldn't see the video - says it's no longer available.

Marja-Leena, it should be OK now - I made a mistake in the embedding/sharing options dialogue box. Let me know if not!

Beth, it's working now, thanks!

Snow! Everyone is posting abut snow and all we have here in France is rain
A little culture would also be welcome from time to time

Ho,ho, very funny that your seat-mate he turned out to be a French teacher at the highest level :-)
I just played your video to a Greek colleague who was moaning about the rain in London and the slippery sidewalks; she went away comforted!
Walking distance to a city centre full of wonderful bilingual culture I would love, not so sure about the snow...

A place more inclement than Glasgow. Well, I suppose there had to be one somewhere. Today it's just dreich outside. (That would be "wet and dismal" to you and the ch is hard as in loch). It's raining but it's that kind of smirry rain, the fine kind where you don't think it's too bad and you come back in soaked to the skin.

It's been years since we've been to a live concert. I enjoy them but they start so damn late and just exhaust the two of us. Besides I have a large collection of classical music and a decent enough sound system which I know pales by comparison but you do what you must.

I know all the pieces you mentioned. I actually thought I owned all of them but it seems I've got two copies of Verklärte Nacht that I didn't know about. I've also got two copies of Beethoven's Fifth that I did know about. It's been a while since I listened to Mozart's Violin Concerto No 3 though so I left my copy on my desk to listen to later. It's not a work that stays with me for some reason. I can hear bits of all the others in my head right now but not the Mozart.

What a charming man. I would have enjoyed that concert very much, especially the Mozart.

How delightful that you impressed a professor with your linguistic skills! The photograph is splendid and you certainly deserved a night of music and conversation.

Just recently found your blog and see we have some places in common. When I lived in Danville, VT back in the 70's (I lived a total of 20 yrs. in Vermont), my husband and I would go to Montreal often as our "European" get away ... it only took a couple of hours and there we were, eating wonderful French food and loved the art and everything about the city. We stayed at the Boneventure Hotel often and in winter loved looking down into the streets from there, watching the traffic in the snow, and we'd walk the underground, getting to almost everywhere we wanted to go without our heavy coats. I've been in Virginia since 1979 and I must say I do miss the magical snow at times and Montreal for sure. We had a slight dusting of snow this morning. Very frustrating .... I would like a bit more!!

Snow! sigh. Wish we had snow instead of rain. I do miss Canadian winters here, the snow and the low pale sunlight ... stop before I make myself tearful. That was a nice piece, Beth.


what a beautiful picture of the snow

Just by chance, the French professor's name didn't happen to be Roch, did it?

And I need to agree, Kent Nagano took OSM's direction just a few years ago and yet, it seems like he has Montreal's soul in him. I hope we will keep him for a long time... It is such a great match. I would be very curious to see stats about concert tickets sales pre and post Nagano's arrival...

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