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December 30, 2007


The same to you, and thanks for this brave ongoing venture in writing and revelation (of the world and yourself).

A very Happy and Hopeful New Year to you and to J. from your friends South of the Border! We look forward most eagerly to another encounter sometime in 2008. In the meantime, I shall continue to seek your wisdom and follow your explorations here....

Happy New Year, Beth! it's been so lovely getting to know you these past few weeks and i look forward to more thoughtful and, yes, brave writing from you in 2008.

Appreciate the comment. My latest post is actually along the same lines about what it was like when I originally discovered the Internet. For years I had been very lonely as a writer with no one to share with, no one that either understood or cared that much and then there they were so many writers all like me. The young today don't appreciate just what a blessing the Internet is.

You have a nice New Year too and I'll see you on the other side.

Thank you, Beth, for your ever thoughtful, truly meaningful and brave words here. I treasure your blog and our friendship and once again hope that we may meet in real life one day. Wishing you and J a very happy, healthy. peaceful and abundantly creative New Year!


You have been much in my thoughts over the holidays--these dark, spirit-stilling days of winter--I was just thinking the other day of the first time our words were forged together by a mutual friend, and what tremendous respect I felt for the stranger who could have wrought such powerful, evocative words. So much to hope for in the coming year, and yet that word --hope--seems a weak substitution for the real word, whatever it is, in whatever language or alphabet. Be well, friend.

Happy New Year, Beth, to you and your family. Your post is quite lovely as always and makes me happy to click on your blog year after year. I think of your father in law often, having relatives at that stage of life myself and struggling to bring them what they need to feel heard.

Happy New Year to you & yours, Beth.

Your held my eye in
your hand and you
ate it. And I ate yours.

Wishing you deep and abundant joy in the coming year, Beth - so glad you are part of my community.

Wishing you joy and grace the new year, and thank you, Beth.

A peaceful, joyful and creative New Year to you and yours, Beth, with thanks for all you share.

A blessed and happy new year to you, Beth. I really enjoyed spending e-time with you and Dave and Ivy with qarrtsiluni...

Warmest new year wishes from me too, Beth.

As always, it's a huge pleasure to come back and find your tender, thought-provoking words and gorgeous, subtle pictures.

A very happy and creative New Year to you. I have been reading, and re-reading your beautiful, thoughtful writings for some time now, and so just wanted to send my thanks and appreciation.

Happy New Year, Beth, to you and yours. May the year be happy, peaceful and successful. I look forward to reading you in 2008.

Happy, joyful, peaceful, creative new year to you, yours and everyone, dear friend. xx

When I was a child I was sure that I could see through closed eyes
Even with my eyes tightly shut I could watch the world around me
There are days now when the same belief comes back to me
Happy New Year from France

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