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December 21, 2007


Yes, Beth, it matters to those of us who read your work and look forward to your posts.

Yes, it matters. If you were to decide to stop blogging, I'd support the choice - it takes energy and time, and balancing those is incredibly challenging - one thing coming at the cost of another. But it would be a loss to the web, your voice. While you do this, its a light in darkness people can come to, use as beacon, gather around, be assuaged and enlightened by. So it's a gift you give, and as you have it to give, I'm glad for it. Merry Christmas, Beth, and thank you for the many good words!

If you knew what mattered, would you need to write?

It matters to express oneself whether others read your words or not. That some do and find the words inspiring or thought provoking is a bonus for you and a kindness to those who enjoy reading what you write!

It matters in ways neither you nor I nor any of us will ever know.

Something as simple as the image of you walking home from the symphony in the snow, has played over and over in my mind. I don't live that way... but how much would change, here in Atlanta, if such a lifestyle was supported? I've begun talking about the possibilities and alternatives to people who never visit blogs.

The Web is an growing organism - blogs and creative efforts are the "imaginal discs" that are organizing this new creature around centers of light rather than ignorance. (At least taht's the opinion of this biologist.)

And when I want snow for Christmas, I click on your link. Thank you for your efforts. Goodness always matters.

What Bill said.

The quality of attention matters -- but I'm sure you will bring that to whatever you do.

Cassandra Pages matters to me; it is the place on the web that feels most like home to me, and I would miss it very much if it went away.

But certainly the time we have is short, and there isn't time to do even a fraction of the things that are worth doing -- saying CP matters is not the same thing as saying you should keep it going if there's other things you want to do. I'm grateful to you for having made this beautifully human space. But being human, of course it's mortal :-)

All the above, seconded.
That's a lovely picture.
Happy Christmas Beth.

Thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful Christmas.

But Beth, I understand the angst of this feeling - does any of this really matter - our busywork? But what else to do?

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