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December 17, 2007


That sounds like a delightful afternoon. If it snowed like that here in Oklahoma, we'd shut the whole state down!

Oh, and I think I'd like to try poutine. It actually sounds like something that could have been dreamed up in the South.

How wonderful a day! And the video reminded me of Winnipeg!

While I was reading this post, I was eating a nasty little 300 calorie It Ain't My 1st Choice microwave "dinner". I need to go out on the street and find some some real food like you talked about.

This post reminds me of living in Montreal in hmmmm....1968. We had bought Canadian army coats for five dollars each and the two of us would have looked like the monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. There was a blizzard and a cold snap on Christmas Day, it was around 25 below and we went out to walk around the snowy, peaceful city.
We had friends who were Russian immigrants and they treated us with such kindness that I still remember them, their summer cottage and the mother always trying to get me to Eat! Eat!, you too thin! I had my first taste of borsch with them.
We were young and poor but still, there were beautiful times.

Est-ce que ta résolution du nouvel an sera de partir un blog français? ;o) Just teasing you... :)

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