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January 26, 2008


Peterson is a master. The lines "Where you came from was not an elsewhere" and "We should be ready to find out everything we know/ is wrong" really spoke to me here.

I like your image, too. How did you ever find it? It's perfect!

Thanks, Dave, I'm glad we agree! I especially liked the line about "babies everywhere in bulrushes" and the image of the naked, chattering plastic hangers.

The photo just happened -- I saw the poster on a wall as I was leaving a shop a week ago, and immediately took the picture -- I've been keeping it in stock and actually had another one ready to post today with this piece. When I looked at all the thumbnails in the recent directory, I saw this one and said, " a-ha!"

For the formatting: You could try to use [div align="center"] Poem [/div] wher you substitue the [ and ] with and . That might work, but maybe it doesn't.

I liked this poem very much and I haven't read poetry for years. The line about "elsewhere" made me wonder if he had read Elsewhere, a YA novel about the afterlife. And I really really like the part about being made from "available parts"

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