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January 31, 2008


Thanks, Beth, I enjoyed the photos and then read the article - fascinating to read about how he worked and taught. And I got a glimpse into J's passions too.

Hi Marja-Leena, good morning from the other side of the country! Yes, Winogrand is great. I've learned so much about looking at photography, as well as about the art in general, from J. over the years, and to have the resource of the web now makes it so much easier to explore any artist's work -- as you often show us on your own site!

Dear Beth. What a gift. But, as you know, the greatest gift of all is to look at photographs with you two. You remember the book of his pictures I bought? left it in, of all places, Toys R Us, Times Square. Never found/handed in. But they're all there on the site you link to. Such joy! The hilarity and pathos. A wonderful combination.

It amazes me to think how little I seriously thought about photography until fairly recently, something so surrounding all the time can go unnoticed. Now I am so enjoying everything the greater awareness of it brings. Street photography is a great wonder to me, something I couln't imagine being able to do. I shall enjoy looking at these.

That's a wonderful article, thank you! Many of its passages resonated in my head as I looked at the slide show you link to: the huge number of quick shots; the unapologetic, smiling in-your-face-ness; the verticals and horizontals being those of the figures not the horizon... and of course the poignant knowledge of Winogrand's untimely death and the thousands of undeveloped shots, unexpected contact sheets. This post is so rich, works on so many levels.

I've been a fan of Winogrand for a long time. Although I don't do much street photography myself, it's one of my favorite styles, or genres, of photography when it comes to looking at other people's work.

Interesting that you should mention Mason Resnick. The name was unfamiliar to me until a month ago, when I read his "Photo Industry Predictions for 2008," one of which I disagree with. I wrote about it on my obscure photography blog that is dedicated to a camera that's not even on the market yet (Sigma DP1). His prediction was related to that camera, so of course I blogged about it.

Now I'm off to read that story about the workshop...

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