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January 08, 2008


Thank you for the quote on 'drala', Beth! it really chimes for me in my art practice in those moments when everything seems to come together, to connect. I'm going to print this and put it into my sketchbook to remind me on those 'down' days.

I read two of his books many years back, and was moved by them - especially Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (if I remember correctly) -- reading this makes me want to go upstairs, where I know it is waiting on the bookshelf, and have another look at it. Dragon Thunder should be very interesting (you didn't say).

It's the wobble
in the walk,
it's arbor
out of true,
which divulges
the whereabouts of
a clementine striped
in the fingers of an
erratic hand.

We see how things display their harmony and their chaos at the same time.

The photo is a wonderful fit with the passage you quote.

Precisely, infinitely, incomparably, wonderfully. Drala. Thank you so much for that word and this post.

When he was in Scotland Chogyam Trungpa founded the Buddhist Centre Kagyu Samye Ling which in turn administers the Holy Island Project and Holy Island is where I learnt to meditate. I should certainly read the books you mention :-)

In Dragon Thunder, Chogyam Trungpa's wife talks quite a bit abotu the Scottish center and the falling-out he had with the lama who was running it, someone who he had been connected with in Tibet, I think. I wonder if this man is still there, or if he has died. I'd totally blanked that this might be connected to the place you've been going, rr.

Nancy - yes, I liked the book a lot and found it fascinating to read more of an inside story on people and events I'd only known peripherally.

"Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" is where I'd recommend starting, if anyone wants to read some of Chogyam Trungpa's work. I also liked "The Myth of Freedom."

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