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January 17, 2008


It does sound like a beautiful evening. How wonderful they must feel about their relationship, thirty-five years on, to confirm their love for one another in such a public, and lovely way.

How wonderful and loving, even 35 years later! But I don't understand, gays are allowed to marry in Canada. Oh, it's within the Anglican Church in Canada that it isn't accepted?

Required to keep their own names? Obligated to live together? Yikes.

Such a beautiful thing. I'm envious.


How lovely. Thanks for sharing

I was interested by the bits in the code requiring that a married couple live together and join their finances, at least to some extent. It's rather fashionable here, I think, for affluent married couples to do neither of these, especially not the latter.

Sorry, 'here' is England, as Beth knows.

How wonderful to have this post piggybacked on your previous one on "Love & Attachment." Thirty-five years together says everything you need to know about L&A, doesn't it?

I teared up reading this. How beautiful.

Here you've beautifully pictured the wedding by words. Its sounds like complete-happy wedding. God bless them...
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Here in England last summer I attended the marriage of two male friends (civil ceremony followed by a service held in their local church presided over by their church minister). Is this not possible in Canada?

This was a joyful thing to read; I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to witness. I hope those of us in the (non-Massachusetts) states will win the same right before many more years pass.

(though I have to echo Dave on being obligated to live together: some of the most long-lived & happy marriages I've encountered wouldn't meet that condition!)

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