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February 14, 2008


What lovely red boots!

And what a poignant and lovely post.

"the full experience of presence requires reciprocity"
That's a very good way of putting it. (I think Buber wrote a whole book on the subject!)

Yes to the thought and wow to the photo.
Really really great photo.

The key may be to give and to give more often. The culture we live in seems to be one of aquisition. I believe a gift softens the hearts of the giver and of the recipient.

I love the sense of luxury and enlargement generosity brings, but then it so often gets complicated by expectations. I think I've yet to learn to really do it freely. But I'm working on it...

Some lovely, lovely writing here of late Beth. 'Paths' was splendid, and the description of your early morning, reminding me how important that time is, and to make sure I take it sometimes.

Thank you for this quote. I'm going to see whether I can find the book. The spirit of Valentine's Day, as it ought to be, plus what could also be used as a Lenten meditation.

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