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February 07, 2008


You must be so fond of him; everything you write about him is affectionate even though it is tinged with a bit of sadness. I remember what it was like when my great grandmother could no longer read. I used to read to her when I would visit, but it just wasn't the same for her. Your observations of him give me a small idea of what it will be like to grow old.


I love reading about your father-in-law
And I am impressed by anyone who has rodents round the home!

Wonderful, what a world he still carries with him.

Kibbeh reminded me of the ones we used to sell in the veg. restaurant in Cardiff, years ago, with falafel. They were made by an Iranian man, I think, and so good. I always marvelled at the making of them, how much went into them and how well they held together.

I've always enjoyed reading your entry about your father in law. I know if my father were still alive, we would be talking, discussing and debating about books, politics and dumbass politicians.

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