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March 07, 2008




Oh my! My own heart is sinking.

This series on your father-in-law is just so wonderful. It stirs me in ways I don't yet understand and also inspires.
Thank you.

Oh no! The mouse must not be lost. I feel so distressed to read this, not only for him, but for my own lost Mickey Mouse.
Beth, these accounts are so powerfully moving and he is such an endearing character. You've managed to make us care about him as if we were there with you.

I am really enjoying this series of posts. You really do have a book here. The mouse episode reveals a great spiritual teaching. In loss their is gain. That really is life. They more we loose the more we gain.

This moving series stirs me in ways I understand only too well, Beth, and I know whereof you speak.

It's not easy to let go. For us, not so much for them.

Oh dear, I'm sorry Beth. But it's true, what Fred and Leslee say, I think.

They tried my mum with a budgie, quite near the end, because she missed her animals. She couldn't get attached to it, I think its confinement and noise bothered her. She just said, 'Budgie decided to leave.' The attendants couldn't account for it. I believe she opened the cage and let it out of the French doors, which was the kind of irresponsible thing she would never have done earlier in her life. Letting go, not caring, I think there must be a relief, even a joy, near the end when you can do it.

Another heart sinking. Thanks for bringing us the news, however saddening.

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