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March 26, 2008



this is an amazing story you're allowing us to share. thank you so much.

Heh. That is quite a face. :-)

Amazing. Thank you.



His relationship to the painting of a view he used to look at was especially interesting to me: the artlessness being part of the charm, the grounding of memory in real places, his fuzziness about the place where the artist ended up, his fuzziness about the place where he finds himself right now. You get the sense that these tenuous links to the physical world are the only things still keeping him in it.

Beth, this week I saw a heartbreaking short film about the Shabander Cafe, a renowned gathering-place for intellectuals in Baghdad,: old moustached men arguing politics and poetry in Arabic beneath the ceiling fans, drinking and smoking nargile. I somehow ended up envisioning your father-in-law as one amongst them.

I hope the days are passing peacefully--thank you again for sharing this story.

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