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April 14, 2008


My heart aches a bit for him. He wants to live, or for life to be over. But he is still so charming and engaging; I don't want him to go. It must be extremely difficult for a man like him to live without reading, without experiencing life every day.

My children lost an uncle yesterday. Not my brother, but their father's brother. A heart attack at 46, alone in his car.

Your father-in-law is far luckier, even if at the end he is lingering longer than he'd like.

Oh, Kaycie, I'm so sorry. To lose someone so young, and so suddenly, is a real tragedy. Imagine: less than half my father-in-law's age! My heart goes out to your husband and the rest of his family.

Beth -- I've said this before, but I'll repeat it, because each time I read one of these accounts I'm reminded of it -- this is an amazing process, being in the presence of someone who is facing death so honestly. Your sense of humor is doing you both a big favor, I think. Make sure you take care of yourself -- it's exhausting.


Thanks, Pica. And yes, you're right - it is pretty exhausting, but good too.

I like the switching back and forth between religion and food.

He is a charming rogue, isn't he? Your answers to him are as good as ever. Thanks again.

I'm so glad he can enjoy cheese and some company.

Another enjoyable piece.

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