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April 02, 2008


He is a mess, isn't he? This gave me a smile.

Oh man. It's good you're able to vent here! It probably extends both your life and his.

Kaycie -- Not so much a mess as just unpredictable-on-purpose, and not above running people around. I thought it was funny too; glad you did.

LH - you've got it!

I just love the image of you stalking into the room with the bar of Aleppo soap (and I've always wondered what the words stamped upon them meant!) I hope his palate and his temper are improved now, for both your sakes--and I'm grateful you're telling this tale in all its complexity, his rough patches as well as shining ones.

Incidentally, I spent several days in Aleppo half a lifetime ago (stayed in the famed Baron Hotel as long as I could afford it and had the private-stock Armenian brandy, yum), but didn't bring back any soap. Now I regret it.

I admire your patience and I found this amusing...thanks

Beth, it's so good to see that his story continues, just when it seemed that it was coming to an end. What an amazing character and how wonderful that he keeps a sense of humour alongside the hard-to-please traits.

'her husband's to Aleppo gone, master of the tiger...' how Shakespeare loved those exotic placenames!

I'd come and eat the food you prepare, it sounds delicious.

Thanks again Beth.

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