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April 18, 2008


Beth, I find the image on the poster intriguing as well. My guess is that you saw a poster for a cd launch party? Philippe B is a musician and Taxidermie is the name of his new album. If you go to his website (philippeb.ca) you can watch what I found to be a delightful animation built around this image, accompanying the first cut of the cd.

Great links Beth. I'll definitely look for a couple of the books on your list. I like reading blogs from day to day 'latest first', but find it a frustrating presentation of a whole archive and personally would prefer, as you suggest, a list of permalinks in chronological order.

Thanks for clearing up the mystery, mb! Shows how out of it I am...I was knocked out by that manufactured mossy ridge under glass, and I still wonder about the artist who created it. Marvelous!

Jean, thanks, that's what I want to know.


Um, yeah, I thought you'd approve of me finally getting off my ass, Dave.

I loved it too, Beth, for the same reasons. I'd like to know the artist... I couldn't figure that out from his website. Do let me know if you ever do.

Aw, thanks for putting me on! Since I discovered feeds I've got a bit slack about keeping mine up to date, but when I was a new blogger and just before, other people's blogrolls were a really useful resource, so they're still important I think.

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