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April 23, 2008


How nice that spring is there at last, and so warm! That's a curious structure; do you know what it's for? And is that in Montreal or in the US?

It's in Vermont, Marja-Leena, and no I don't know. In some ponds I've seen that were built on New York State land by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in the 1930s, I've seen a structure in the center that houses a large cylinder that acts somehow to control the water depth - maybe someone else can explain exactly how, but that requires an open flow from the pond into the cylinder when the water gets too high. I don't think that's the case here, nor that this houses is for a pump, but I suppose it could be. Since this is a reservoir, the house may contain some kind of measuring equipment for water quality as well.

Oh, I love these. I have the same conversations in my head, too: 'Okay, so it doesn't have windows. Do I need windows? I can make windows.' Here's another one in Vermont, this one still with the boardwalk out to it, though it's fenced off.

yes, TH, that's exactly what I was thinking - "I could make windows..." - because in addition to loving snug little places, I'm a tiny bit claustrophobic - gotta have a window! Thanks for the picture of another reservoir house - we've got to find out what's in these things!

Neat picture. What a puzzle! Definitely a shrine of some sort, perhaps to chastity?

"Chastity", above, is a live link.

Hmmm - the link isn't working, Bill, and I can't see from the comment what it refers to. But I like the image - that little house surrounded by its own "moat" does rather symbolize chastity, doesn't it?

Maybe this time?

Wow. Great links, Bill! Thanks.

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