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April 12, 2008


Depending upon when the Canadiens moved out & the movie theatre moved in, I think I saw one of my first hockey games there, during a trip to Montreal with my ex. I remember there being women in fur coats, dresses, and heels: far fancier dress than you'd find at a Boston Bruins game! It seemed quintessentially European (or at least radically un-American) to get dressed up for a hockey game as if it were a high-brow cultural event versus the kind of working-class beer bath hockey games tend to be here in the States. It sounds like your experience corroborates mine, which suggests my assumption about "high" versus "low" brands of culture does not hold water outside of the States. In Montreal, I suspect, hockey is high culture.

"Caramel" sounds very appealing indeed. In case you haven't seen it, I'd like to recommend "Since Otar Left." It takes place mostly in Tbilisi, Georgia, and focuses on three women: mother, daughter, and granddaughter. But the heart of the film, and the story, is the grandmother who's played by a completely winning, Polish actress who was 95 when the film was made. I think you'd both enjoy it.


'Caramel' came up as a hot recommendation with my students recently, along with 'La graine et le mulet' - they both sound good.

The Forum is apparently owned by an American company and there are always two (real) policeman/women on guard, supposedly to protect it and us against terrorist attacks. That always seems strange to me, especially since I don't feel like there is much of a threat of terrorism in Quebec.

The cinema in the Forum is an AMC theatre. In other Canadian cities AMC theatres only show Hollywood blockbusters, but since there aren't enough of those in Montreal and they mostly go to another chain of theatres the AMC shows quite a lot of art house movies. Another reason is that according to Quebec law you can only show non-French spoken movies for a couple of weeks when there isn't a French dubbed version of it available. Which means those movies don't have long runs and need to be replaced by other movies regularly, resulting in a very good supply of fresh content that isn't made in Hollywood.

We still have to see 'Caramel'. We went to see it last Tuesday, but I was too late due to a slow metro and we missed the start of the screening. So we went to see another movie, 'The Unknown Woman', which had only one woman in it and she wasn't treated very nice. My wife can't stand that (she wants to see movies that score high on the Bechdel/Wallace rule) so she left the theatre after an hour and we had a fight afterwards about my bad pick of movies...

[Sorry that this comment turned into a sort of blog post.]

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