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May 10, 2008


Oh how wonderful to see J's photos and words here! Inspiring to see our youth out there and showing that they are our hope for the future. I love the multicultural faces. Thanks, J, and more please!

I find this fascinating, J. Do the schools arrange the kids' participation? I can't imagine any type of demonstration supported by the schools here in Oklahoma.


Such a beautiful, heart-lifting spectacle. Thank you, thank you for sharing it with us!

Fascinating stuff, though I'm afraid that officially sanctioned demonstrations are the opposite of heart-lifting to me. Of all the many things I hated in public school, the worst was mandatory fun.

Yes, learning to participate in a 'manif' or demonstration seems to be part of school culture in Montréal. I have seen classes of primary school children in Parc Lafontaine brandishing signs. It is all very far from my own school days where any questioning was firmly quelched.


"It is all very far from my own school days where any questioning was firmly quelched."

What happens if kids question these demonstrations?

Great photos and colours, Jon, and good to know you were there spectating! The kids certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves and if they will spread the message to their own kids eventually that's all to the good too. I especially like the "Plus Tard C'est Trop Tard" (later is too late) banner just seen behind the orange "Recycler..." sign.

Well, they don't look too unhappy about it... or maybe they just liked being photographed by an obviously 'proper' photographer.

We're curious, too, about how the schools go about encouraging/sanctioning/whatever these expressions. It seemed like the kids had had free reign to form groups and choose a topic they cared about - it was a big range, from environmental issues to violence against women - study it, and make some sort of statement. I really doubt that anyone was "forced" to participate - but maybe some Canadian readers would have some insight??

Interesting that Hat and I had similar reactions. We anarchists are so predictable, aren't we? :)

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