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June 18, 2008


Oh, this really made my eyes water. Imagine, 99! How wonderful that he was able to enjoy the green almonds and the cake and company. Thank you for sharing this video, Beth.

Ah, how lovely!

Wonderful, Beth. Good to see him - and hear your voices, too!

Lovely - it's so wonderful to put a face to those wonderful stories you share with his. He seems to have had a wonderful birthday!

How marvelous. How sweet. How simply heartbreaking... or is that my heart opening?
Thank you.

Thanks very much for sharing that -- it was great to see him in action!

Beth, I'm glad the party went so well. But I must admit I was a little taken aback to see the video here; I preferred my own mental picture of your FIL, and I liked the fact that he was nameless here.

Thanks, all, for commenting and telling me how the video struck you. Dave, I had my doubts too, and I'm planning to take the video down in a couple of days. If people prefer to see him as a literary figure it may be much better to have him be nameless and faceless, and I hope I haven't spoiled that by making giving him movement, a face, and a voice. On the other hand, readers have have been so interested in and concerned about him as a real person, I decided to take a chance and give you a little bit of what felt to me like a gift yesterday. It's a toss-up, and I'd like to hear what other readers think as well...

I love the video. He is delightful and just what I would have imagined. Nothing about him is spoiled for me by seeing how he looks, hearing how he sounds. There is something delicate and wistful about him that fits your previous writing perfectly. Your voice is quite beautiful, Beth. Thanks so much for sharing.

Beth, he is just as I imagined and I also see Jon's face there - both have noble faces. I understand the reservations about showing the video but I'm also very glad to see it, complementing your vivid word-pictures. I wish I could have given him a birthday hug, but maybe he isn't among the huggables? That cake looks wonderful,by the way!

I like the video (which at my work computer has no sound) which perhaps made the image more impactful - the slow, slow patient fingers working on the nut. He looks as I imagined him - a noble gentleman, and too, (probably because there was no sound) the primate-simian life force that is at our core seems right there on the surface with him. It's a very dear and moving image.

Tena koe Beth,
Kia ora for sharing. I reckon those green almonds were worth far more more than any money paid for them. What an outstanding present. I too felt tears well up. The lucid understanding in his words is breath taking.
Cheers Beth.

What a lovely video, thank you for sharing. So happy to share in his party...and to hear your voice again!

Still the teacher, huh - spelling it for you? And the 'zee' which is so foreign to me reminding me that he's been an American, a New Englander for many, many years, though his Syrian childhood and youth are still obviously so clear in his mind.

(I did see the video, but haven't been getting around to commenting)


(plus a little painting for you over at FOH)

beth, I haven't gotten around to catching up on comments until now, but I did happed across this in time to see the video, and very much enjoyed putting a voice (moreso than a face) to his words.

While you were posting this, I was headed out west for a family gathering to celebrate a great-aunt's birthday--at the end of May, she did 'make the hundred'. Spending time in the company of someone born in 1908 gave this an extra resonance.

i've been lurking on here for quite some time and have to finally tell you just how much i love your stories (and i have you linked off my blog!)

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