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June 14, 2008


In the bare light
of a child's room,
down the street,
iridescent waves fold
amid the holes
through the wafer of
a donkey's eye

That's a lovely picture. I had a busy and wonderful weekend. I'm sure it's because you sent good thoughts out to us!

Ahhhh. Enjoying the floating just for a moment on a Monday morning. Thank you.

The petals, the water, the softness somehow seem like the perfect bow and silent comment to the new post on your father-in-law. Soul at rest as life drops away.

Thanks, Bill, Pat, Kaycie. Yes, two bowls filled with different things! I took this one from my shrine and put it on the dinner table on Friday night before guests came - the sacred and secular freely intermingling, why not? The tablecloth is from Damascus, the Chinese bowl a long-ago acquisition from a flea market; it's always been part of the odd collection of objects, reminiscent of many religious traditions, that I keep on my meditation table, and its pure white and blue circle has such a quiet grace.

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