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June 02, 2008



Gorgeous, Beth.

It's posts like this one what brings me back to your Pages. Lovely writing. Inspirational. Thanks very much indeed.

I LOVED the pond and what an interesting place and way to use the word "macroscopic" I thought. Then I got to where you asked if you might slip away to the meditation spot... and my eyes teared up and my throat tightened (I'm at work sitting at my lab computer for god's sake) and I couldn't really focus after that.

Thank you! For moments truly observed are so truly amazing. ... I will come back for another read through to the end, I promise. After I pretend I am a scientist for awhile.

Oh. Oh, Beth. Glorious.

it seems to me you are answering some of your questions and my heart lifts for / with you

Kia ora Beth,
Beautiful! I could "see" the vivid colours, feel them pulsate with the moment. You were connected and alive. Kia ora.

I love this post! Suffused with calm and warm: to me these are your most compelling pieces of writing. I am addicted to descriptions of rooms - that was what drew me in most in the novels of Willa Cather. Rooms up under the eaves... shabby wooden furniture, flowers, bed with white linen, blankets etc. A meditative quality in themselves.

Beautiful, sigh.

Beautiful. What a magical, apposite title for this piece.

This is so lovely and warming...
I wish I could see a picture of the meditation centre and feel the stillness within
And isn't it interesting how we collect rocks? I picked up two pebbles from Bonaparte Beach and they now sit on a shelf in my bathroom

Ahhhhh! Another rock collector. Great writing. We recently did a rock garden and now have a blossoming (pardon the pun) flower box business...so, collecting rocks brings you into others lives in a unique way! Collect on! Good things come to those who meditate!

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