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August 27, 2008


I am enjoying your film reviews, Beth. This one really appeals and I hope it will show in Vancouver at our film festival. Must make an effort this year to see some!

My love chose "The Vic". When he was in the ICU, he answered the nurse that it didn't matter which language. I was there. If y'all haven't yet read "Two Solitudes", you really must. My love's dearest friend lives "a Montreal sur l'Avenue Sherbrooke. J'etait le 'inuit' a ce temps. Mon "Quebecois" est horrible, mais Vous comprenez."

Sounds like something I would love to see. I wonder if this will get UK distribution?

Very interesting. I always think the mark of a good film is if it stays with you for days afterwards.

I've yet to see the film but would like to. I work in a hospital that was formerly a TB sanitarium which had many Inuit patients in the 1950's. My job includes responsibility for the hospital's museum and the history of our Inuit patients is a big point of interest for visitors. Seeing the film would give me a greater insight to their experiences.

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