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August 24, 2008


Some of my (and the Church's) best friends are undertakers. They are a very Christ-like crowd. They have a unique combination of humility, joy, and...well...humility.

I saw this movie at kobe in Japan.
When I was a child , my grandfather died.
My father and mother, uncles and aunts crying wiped grandfaher's body.
Is this movie is captioned English or dubbed into English ?

Hello Shin5ro, thanks for writing. The movie was in Japanese with English subtitles. I`d be curious what you thought of it.

Rice growing has been the main activity of this area since forever and the mountains in the background are three mountains of religious pilgrimage. Perhaps to a foreigner the scene of the cello playing out in the rice fields may seem out of place but any Japanese would react with pleasure and savor this hommage to time- honored rice production and the spiritual orientation to the mountains.

Patty, thank you for the explanation! Both of those facts (the rice fields and the sacred mountains) were unknown to me, and make a big difference in how the scene would be perceived, as well as how it fits within the film. I'm glad to know about them.

Hello Beth,Thank you for your reply.
In the movie,following was written in the want ad,
Yasurakana tabi-no otetsudai = Assist in peaceful journey .
The hero thought that job was travel agent.
The undertaker corrected "tabi (journey)"→ "tabidachi(depart)",
by adding only one letter.
The audience in Japan laughed in this scene.
I want to know how these two different words were tranlated in English.

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