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August 25, 2008


Hi Beth! Found your blog through reading this week's article in The Lady, celebrating senior bloggers - do so agree - technology has changed my senior life and i love it. Do so agree about films with "real" people in them - saw two about Mongolia - but being senior can't remember the titles!! One about a white camel calf and another one closely related about the steppes of Mongolia - they are rivetting. Regards to you.

I'm intrigued by the Bamiyan animation. About a year ago I was helping put together a bibliography about the Silk Road, and the (now destroyed) Buddhas of Bamiyan were one of the major sub-topics. There's some pretty interesting stuff online about them; one site is trying to digitally re-create them from old photographs, for example.

'The Invention Of Curry Sausage' sounds fascinating. Can't wait to see it. Is it a German film? A curious cultural context to have - one which leads to the almost forensic examination (and expiation) of recent history.

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