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August 09, 2008


I saw he had died -- what a loss. Thank you for posting this.

"Nostalgia for a higher, more distant tomorrow".....Oh my, that's it. Thank you!

First I heard this. I'm sorry he had to go so young.


Thanks, cassandra pages for this simple tribute to Darwish. It really hits the spot.

Thanks for your essay on Mahmoud Darwish, and the excerpts from his poem. The subject of nostalgia (as you nicely put it, “the persistence of memory, and how hope changes form”) hit a chord for me. I just finished reading an amazing novel that deals with this theme, set in an imaginary place with strong Middle East currents. For example, part of the story centers around an ancient olive oil soap factory, like the few that still exist in the West Bank. The novel is called MADE IN HERO – THE WAR FOR SOAP. It’s about an intifada of sorts – I guess a soap intifada! It was written by a little known author, Betty Hugh. I found the book on Amazon only after much searching for novels about the Middle East. You would think it’d be easier to find good fiction about this hot topic. Anyway, this one’s a gem, so I thought I’d pass along the tip.

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