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September 21, 2008


Ooh, how colourful and tasty it all looks. Thank you for sharing and taking us along on your birthday this way. I can see it was a lovely one, Beth.

Oh Beth!!!! Happy Birthday!!! (And *how* lovely!)

Looks wonderful! Glad you got to enjoy your birthday amidst such harvest abundance.

Kia ora Beth,
Happy Birthday, and thank you for the beautiful and colourful montage. My favourite were those deep purple egg plants. Hope you a wonderful day.

Lovely, lovely. Happy memories. Thank you. (Mais, ou est la fromagerie?? :)) Happy Birthday, Beth!

Oh, Happy Birthday!!!

And the food: yum. Yum yum yum. I'm hungry again and I just ate!

Lovely - what abundance. Thank you, and happy birthday.

Lucky girl! Luscious video. The produce was gorgeous, of course, but I especially liked the grocer who looked a little like Einstein. Happy Birthday.


Thank you for all the good wishes!

Good morning, Peggy! I'm glad you liked the video. That grocer is a bit of a phenomenon, and his personality shows through in his face. See this link for another description by someone who knows him better:

Happy Birthday, Beth, and many happy returns.

Happy Birthday!! What a wonderul way to celebrate the day,amongst a rich harvest of life.

Happy birthday, Beth!

Many happy returns, Beth. This brought home to me how things as seemingly simple as a great selection of fresh vegetables can deliver a kind of elemental delight. And that closing shot, a glass of wine with a nice cheese... ah, yes... Thanks for letting us share it!

Oohhh Beth,
Happy Belated Birthday.
It looked like you had a wonderful birthday.Thank you for taking us for a trip to Jean-Talon.

Very nice! I hadn't noticed that "watch in high quality" option in YouTube before. Good way to do a slide show with music.

A belated happy birthday, and suddenly I'm hungry!

Just had a short meditation break from work and watched this. Just lovely. So much skill and care, I know (and your own love of the place) to create the feeling of simply being there.

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