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September 12, 2008


I can see it.

My favourite fruit....

We are eating them quickly, right out of the frame...

Mine too, Marja-Leena!

And you, poised between painting, photography and writing, where do we look to find the thread running between these three?

Good question. I'm looking for that thread all the time!

I love peaches...and these look perfect. (Also - I can't decide whether the picture is a blurry photograph or a wonderful impressionist painting!)

You know what? We've had luscious peaches this year but these had almost no taste at all. "Superior exterior, inferior interior", as a friend used to say (not about peaches!) We ended up cooking them last night, with brown sugar and cognac.

As for the image - it's a photograph that I worked on by hand in Photoshop.


Nothing better than a ripe one of these in season. Beth, you paint, too? Lovely.

Just beautiful. I love 'painterly' photographs - they don't ape paintings, I think, but are something else again.

aaaaaaaah beth... helloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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