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October 29, 2008


Don't get me started.

Oh, but I'd love to hear your ranting and raving! I was SHOCKED this morning when I got up!

Is that snow? o.O

It certainly is.

I thought of you when I read the news that eastern Ontario and western Quebec got snow, though it said there was not much in Montreal. A bit early, isn't it?

I don't know, Marja -Leena - whenever it comes, it's always too early! We were lucky to only get a dusting; out in the country there was a lot. I just got back from picking my bike up at the shop - I had a flat - and it was really cold and very windy out there! Still riding though, until it gets icy.

Enjoy Vancouver - you will have spring before we're halfway through winter!

ROFL! Oh, how I miss those -40 degree Janviers, with wind and 10,000 strong anti-war marches! (I'll get back to you on your mail when I can find some quiet time.)

btw, when it comes to global warming, there is some frustration among the professionals because apparently there is a 10 year cooling period expected before things suddenly pick up again - makes life very difficult for the prophets and truth-tellers.

It was 'Oh -oh' in the middle of England yesterday morning, too. Just right for children on half-term holidays to take plastic sacks and even proper toboggans up into the hills for an hour or so before the temperature rose. The plastic sacks are because English families have almost given up storing toboggans in the shed, not having used them for the last ten years or so.

It's 60 degrees F here at 10:30am, and our overnight low was 43. It's almost November! I'm ready for autumn. Heck, I'd even trade you for the snow. I can't even wear a sweater yet without getting hot. Sounds nice, I know, but it's really not when you're still mowing in October.

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