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October 28, 2008


Thank you for giving me a glimpse. I've always regretted not having learned anything about music: perhaps as I get better at being bad at things I might do so, sometime :-)

That sounds like a wonderful experience, Beth. I'm so glad you're enjoying singing again. I remember exactly that feeling of kinship with others when you make music with a group. Music for me has become more about solitude, though the joy and solace you wrote of are still present. With three children at home, I sometimes am overwhelmed by noise. When I need to feel calm, I find time to be alone with my music, whether it's playing or listening. By the time I am finished, the noise in my head has flown.

This speaks about something I find quite difficult to understand in terms I can understand. I too wish I was more able to understand music; I enjoy it without ever really knowing what I'm enjoying, and it's not for want of trying, lessons, opportunities, there's just something missing in my make-up! But it truly is an ineffably wondrous thing.

I've heard people who have been through deep bereavement say they couldn't listen to any music at all for quite long periods.

I'm sure the choir will become better and better for you.

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