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October 22, 2008


Good for you!

At least you have only ONE Obama/Biden choice...

Good going! I walked over to the courthouse and voted a few weeks ago. Early voting is heavy here in Iowa. I have been going over to the Obama office to make calls and will probably be knocking on doors this weekend. Election Day I will be a poll watcher. It is getting exciting!... And November 5th the various candidates will start opening campaign offices in anticipation of the Iowa Caucuses to be held January 2012!


Early voting starts Monday, here!

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to doing the same, and it will be a moment to savor.

Either this is a mail-in ballot or... you brought a camera in with you??

It's an absentee ballot that we picked up and then brought back to the town clerk. But I think they're the same as the ones people will be given at the polls on Nov. 4th, at least for our town in Vermont. I photographed it at home.

And yes - it was definitely a moment to savor.


And I hope you will still savour it when you have been Canadian so long "savor" looks a little odd... (smile) Vivian

Kia ora Beth,
been away in the mountains for a bit so have a bit to catch up on here, but firstly good on ya. I still vote in the elections as well though have not lived in the states for 16 years. The right to vote should taken seriously in my view. Have a wonderful day Beth. Cheers.

A sense of history being made. We watch and wait...

God love ya!

Beth, Just got done talking to Steve. His secretary gave him your blog and he gave it to me. Jan Frasure and I have kept in touch with each other. We were talking about the people from our class that we would like to talk with and your name came up. We were talking about having a class reunion in 2010. I am not a an e-mailer, but I would love to talk to you. I changed my name to Moira about 25 years ago. I live outside of Woodstock NY. E-mail me and maybe we can connect.
Hope you are doing fabulous. Love, Moira

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