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November 23, 2008


Beth, I thought of you when I heard this on NPR this morning. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=97320958
Wish I could sing instead of croak! I've enjoyed your blog for a long time; thanks for your wonderful writing and photos. Perceptive, articulate, adult, moving.

I'm actually feeling excited and inspired about blogging, right now, though you wouldn't know it from the tone of my posts. It's feeling all fluid and full of new possibilities to me.

But yes, I've noticed the downturn too. I'm just a contrary SOB, I guess :-)

It's all that, Beth. Oh how I wished to sing in that choir! As it was, I was only in residence one week a month, so I knew it wouldn't be possible. As it was, I sang from the pews. In the vicinity of the wardens. :) (And yes, the blogs are very quiet, "All things considering." (Hi, Diana!)

I've noticed the slump too, Beth. But maybe it's just me, and this time of year is usually one for hibernation.

It's wonderful that you're singing the winter blues away with your choir,wish I could hear it!

Diana, thanks for reading and thank you for that terrific link! Obviously, I couldn't agree with him more!

Dale, it's good to know you feel that way! I think this all move in cycles anyway, like any creative endeavor.

Scott - I know you know. It's nice that people can listen to Evensong no matter where they are, too.

Natalie - the slump will slough off, I hope. And you can hear us, just listen in some Sunday!

I just feel a strong visceral need to pull back. It might be the election, the way I was living in very minute percentage shift in the online futures market and following every shadow on every horizon, was not sustainable for an introvert. After that what came was the shock of finding I had not at some level truly believed Obama would win, and this raised up an enormous challenge to me here where I live, what ELSE have I not believed in? My home looked like a teenager was nesting in all the rooms and tossing things about and suddenly I wanted only to attack it. To get over that disbelief that because it's like this, this is the way it must ever be. I found two precious books I thought I had lent and lost forever... Progoff's Intensive Journal book and Pere Dechanet's wonderful Christian Yoga which led me to my first postures...and , for one memorable moment, to a different state of being ... in 1971. I'm making soup, too.

I love your picture of dusk. The dusks here are so extended, or attenuated. So LONG. Aas are the dawns). When I was further south I missed these enormously.

I thought it was just me.
I have felt largely devoid of desire to say anything - and even when I do, there's not enough momentum to actually get it out.
It's not quite the blues.
It's just "deep inside."
I did completely rearrange my living room, solving problems that haven't set well since I moved in two years ago. Then I attempted a clean out of my studio. Too emotional to complete. There is definitly something to Feng Shui - and you don't have to be readup on it. You can just feel how the energy of life and psyche get bound up into a room. ...or ones body - so we do something physical to stir up the mind.

How I would've loved to hear your services...we attended an evensong at the Cathedral when there in Aug 07. Perhaps in the springtime--we're contemplating a Montreal visit in May.

No lack of blogging enthusiasm here, on this side of the Pond! Finding the time is sometimes the difficulty. So much to do....

I think it's all of those things. I find fewer entries from my blog friends and I seem to check bloglines less frequently than usual. There is often not time enough in the days for everything during this time of year.

I would love to see some of your knitting projects. Perhaps you could share a picture or two with us sometime.

Kia ora Beth,
A melancholy time of year, being away from home for Thanksgiving and feeling disattached a bit. Happens every year for me at this time. Happy Thanksgiving by the way.

How I envy your singing, Beth! So wonderful to be part of such a community. I cannot sing, but enjoy listening to great voices, particularly opera (thanks for the comment!), always admiring those that have that special gift of a voice like a musical instrument.

As for the blogging world, yes, I've noticed things things have been quieter for quite a long time. Even I have not been writing with the same enthusiasm as I used to. Sometimes it seems that I don't have much to say after so many years of blogging.

It seems a lot over people were/are expecting instant, world changing, paradigm shifting events after the US election. But in the end the mess we're all in is still here. Post election depression? Inflated view of importance of one's country (US)? A bit of both I think.

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