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November 22, 2008



You're on internet radio now? Cool!

Beth, I have trouble with SAD, too. Somehow, Montreal was never a problem in this regard. I think it has something to do with love, and I'm so glad you are in the choir. Linking our parish site to yours now.

As a long time SAD sufferer, I shall now try combating current gloom blues by singing loudly in the bath whilst ingesting chicken soup. And if doesn't work, Beth, I'm back here for a refund!

Having grown up in New England and now living in Georgia, I love the early dark days when they finally arrive, and the unparalleled comfort of coming in from the cold. My son, who grew up in the south and is now in college in Maine, has found another reason to think that his mother is a little daft.
So glad, Beth, that you have found a warm musical outlet.

It's a good feeling when you suddenly realise you are finally at home somewhere isn't it?

Early days, and I used to find orangey things helped the winter blues! Not just the colour, but orange-scented things, marmalade and Lady Grey tea with orange oil. Now, increased comfort, interests,frinedship and that 'home at last' feeling all help keep it at bay. And ther are nice things about winter too, you just have to recognise that different seasons have different needs, I think.

I must try to make more space for music in my life.

I love it when you write about your choir.

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