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November 01, 2008


But to those who sigh and say with relief, like many commentors on this most recent incident, "in four days it will all be over" -- I beg to differ. The racism and ugliness in American society that has been exploited by the McCain campaign is deplorable but it cannot be blamed on them, nor will it disappear when Sarah and John have gone back to their former jobs.

Yes. I don't believe much of anything, other than the race, will be "over" after Election Day.

It says something of my own priorities that when I saw that picture, before I read the caption, I assumed that it was showing a Hispanic child looking at the US border with Mexico - another issue that would really benefit from a leader able to appreciate nuance and complexity.

"Mr. Gorbachev, TEAR... DOWN... THIS... WALL!"

Thank you for this powerful, eloquent message of sad truths, Beth.


Ah, Beth, well said. I honestly cannot think on these things for long without wanting to weep.

I have never read Rashid Khalidi or heard him speak, but in the early 90s I worked at a community radio station with a man who interviewed Edward Said several times. I loved those interviews. They were the most thoughtful, articulate discussions of Palestine and the Middle East (and literature and life) I have ever heard.

It's heartbreaking and frightening to me that so many Americans loathe intellectuals and mistrust anyone who is capable of grappling with complexities and nuance. "Largely clueless" doesn't even begin to describe it. It's very Orwellian here, and you're right, Beth, the racist ugliness we've seen in this campaign is not a "lingering echo" but a reflection of current belief. We have so very far to go.

Kia ora Beth,
Thank you for these words. We do have so far to go, so much to overcome, we need to start now. The world awaits.

I'm glad you have spoken up, Beth. Your words have power because they come from your core. ~ kasturi

Bravo, Beth, never stop speaking up! From this side of the pond, it's hard to understand some Americans'ignorance of the world beyond their boundaries. I think that a lot of it is simply a lack of accurate information, an overload of misinformation, an apathy about finding out the truth for one's self, or all three combined.

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